ReGenerate Physiotherapy

We help women & men stay active and find relief from pelvic pain, urine and bowel problems, sexual dysfunction, prenatal & postpartum issues like diastasis recti and prolapse.

“She takes her time to really communicate with you, hear your concerns and struggles, and encourages you through the season of life you’re in.” 

Who We Help
& With What:

Here at ReGenerate Physiotherapy we are Pelvic Physical Therapists that specialize in treating women, men, and people from all backgrounds with pelvic health conditions.


  • Pelvic Pain
  • Sexual Health
  • Male Pelvic Health
  • Gut & Bowel Dysfunction
  • Urinary Problems- Leakage & Pain
  • Orthopedic Pelvic & Tailbone Pain
  • Pregnancy and Postpartum Care
  • Core & Pelvic Floor Rehab- Diastasis Recti & Prolapse

One-on-one care, treating the entire person, listening to your story and giving you the time you need.

“During my phone consultation, she listened and validated my concerns and explained her approach thoroughly.”

How To Work With Us

Reach Out To Us

Give us a call, or fill out a free phone consultation form. We will talk to you about your specific problem and see if we are a good fit.

Find the Cause

We work with you to get to the root cause of your problem. This is the best way to find solutions that work and last.

Unique Plan For You

We will get a specific plan set up, that is unique for you, to get you back to doing what you want to be doing and find long lasting relief.

“She is wonderful because she is knowledgeable, professional, caring and kind.”

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Hear What Others Have To Say

I first visited Dr. Jennifer with heaviness and discomfort after birthing my son. She helped me to learn proper and effective engagement for my pelvic floor postpartum. I am totally recovered after a few short months of treatment and feel better equipped and excited to get pregnant again!

– Joann L.

At our initial meeting, she answered all of my questions thoroughly and helped me to understand what was happening and went through a treatment plan. Soon after I started feeling so much better. The pain went down and now is gone completely.

– Rachel I.

I came to Pelvic PT with debilitating pelvic floor pain that was triggered by an overuse injury, and exacerbated by stress. Her techniques were so effective that I experienced noticeable relief after the first session. But what really made her stand out to me was just how curious she was about my whole person, and her concern for my overall wellbeing.

– John